Here’s some of my favorite websites out there on the interwebs, please give them a look!

*Note: None of these websites are advertisements or paid to be here, these are legitimately cool sites I love to visit.

RoosterTeeth – If you haven’t already heard of these guys, you’re missing out on great web shows like “Red Vs Blue”, “RWBY” and a ton of other great content.  I’m actually a paid member of their site I enjoy them so much.

Achievement Hunter – Born out of RoosterTeeth, these guys basically created the YouTube phenomenon of video game “Let’s Plays”.  These guys are hilarious and make watching them play video games sometimes funner than playing it yourself.

FunHaus – Another group birthed by RoosterTeeth.  Based in Los Angeles, this group of gentlemen report on the latest in video games, do some gameplay videos, philosophize on video game culture & business, and generally make me laugh the entire time.  The BEST editing work on YouTube in my opinion.

ImprovEverywhere – This is a great group of people who go out and do “pranks” on the general public, but their pranks are meant to make people happy and be entertaining, never mean or hurtful or embarrassing.  Kind of like Flash Mobs that do good.  Check out their “Light Switch” video for a great example.

Lifehacker – Lifehacker is a cool news site that shows interesting ways to improve your life and stuff for getting thing done.

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